Wednesday, August 26, 2009


In life every thing is about attracting. What ever we have now is what we have attracted in our life. I recently came across this post in a friends blog and it was very catchy. Just when I was so interested in this 'positivity' topic a very engaging post just appeared out of the blue. Well life is all about abundance, we have every right to believe that there is enough for us. There is actually more enough to go around for everyone. People often compete for material gains, prestige, honour and etc but when are this ever enough. We always want more and something better. My dad often quote's Gandhi very famous saying : " there is enough for man's needs but not enough for man's greed". Because of this scarcity mentality we become negative, we always think about the bad because we believe we don't have enough. When that  happens we start to dwell more into negativity. You begin to wonder, "how do I beat this person, how do I outsmart them to be the top" and boy this thoughts are really draining. Celebrate the things that you have around you. Be joyful of all your blessing and you will attract more of the similar. Positive thinking will multiply and overshadow negative thoughts and what you will bring about is the attraction of the same thoughts and actions that resonates with you. Positive thoughts change perspective and in life many things depend on perspective, once you have the right perspective, your on the right track! I guess thats how I came about that wonderful post. hehe


SJ said...

nice quote from your dad! =)

ps thanks for linking mine, i've linked you too. but would you follow me? =)

BalakaVitHa said...

finally you realised?

good luck in trials, benj... tried wishing you ytd... but ... well, we know.

take care.