Friday, January 25, 2013

A feeling Unexplainable till...

This analysis is part of my class assignment for rhetorical moves. When my lecturer told us to find a artefact and analyse it, I had been listening to this song for more than a hundred times. The song has been stuck there without me knowing. The best part is this song played the day I went out with a girl whom I love so dearly.
Suddenly I couldn't eat well, my sleeps are disturbed. I didn't even have the appetite to eat my favourite foods. It was so unexplainable that suddenly I actually stopped looking at any attractive girl that passes by because they seem so ordinary.

 I thought by analysing this song perhaps I will get some answers to how this feeling developed so rapidly without me realising. Perhaps it was all there before and I suppressed it, denied it, I don't know. Considering the stormy relationship we had it came a surprise to me that I have fallen in love with this angel. For a long time I was teased with this girl but I have always said never, guess I somewhere in that little heart of mine that glimmer of hope for it to workout was still there. Anyhow the storm will never last forever, thats why I love the storm. Because of all the havoc and uncertainty and disorientation it causes, it provides the opportunity for us the dig deep in ourselves to reccaliberate our bearings. At the end of the storm the calmness was always worth the hardship ( to me  at least). The best thing about a storm is that most of the time it development is unpredictable by any man, such is the power of nature. All I could do now is to do as what this song is saying:

In this song ‘Right here waiting for you’ by Richard Marx there are significant rhetorical moves made.

Oceans apart, day after day
And I slowly go insane
I hear your voice on the line
But it doesn't stop the pain

The song begins with defining the situation the artist is in. He clearly states that his lover and him are clearly separated and even though he can hear her voice on the telephone it still pains him that she is so far away. By using the word ‘ocean’ as a symbol the artist could simply mean that he is separated from his lover by a great distance or whatever the distance is, it is just feels too great for the singer to bear. However it would be wise if we note that the symbol ocean could also mean that the is an illusionary distance between a pair of lovers created by circumstances or themselves. This distance that has crept in between the lovers is driving the singer to insanity. He is telling his audience that his love for this person is so great that he is beginning not to function.

We can assume that when the artist says he hears her voice on the line, we can assume that he has been having conversations with her on the telephone. In this very first stanza of the song itself the singer tells his audience that he is hurt from this romance that he has for a person.

If I see you next to never
But how can we say forever

Wherever you go, whatever you do
I will be right here waiting for you
Whatever it takes or how my heart breaks
I will be right here waiting for you

Here there is an implicit move that is made by the singer, whereby the singer states that he cannot see himself being together with his lover so how then could he say that he will be with her no matter what. But he then states that no matter what happens he will be there waiting for her. Even though if he has to endure a heartbreak, he is willing to go that distance because of his love for her. We could infer by the lyrics that this singer is very deeply in love with the girl or lady that he is referring to. He repeats ‘I will be right here waiting for you’  three times in the song, emphasizing his willingness to wait for the girl he loves. On top of the that, the tone he uses when he sings this line indicates how much of emotion is attached to his words and he is not just blowing hot air.
Also we could assume here that there are circumstances that has caused the singer and his lover to part ways. Here we can infer that the singer is reaching out to those who are in love with a person who has declined their love for whatever reason. The person in love could have fallen in love with a person whom perhaps is in a relationship with another person or his love has simply been rejected. On top of that the singer here implies that his heart is broken but he will still be lurking by the sides awaiting his lover. In a subtle way the singer is hinting or passing a message to the audience that love is unconditional. Anyhow the singer is telling his audience that whatever the situation is if it is worth it, his audience should wait for that guy or girl.

Oh, can't you see it, baby
You've got me goin' crazy

Here the singer states that his love for the lady is making him crazy. This in a sense can be viewed as an over exaggeration to show the extent of his love for his lover. 

I wonder how we can survive
This romance
But in the end if I'm with you
I'll take the chance

The singer realizes that it is close to impossible that he could get together with his lover. However he states that if there is a slight possibility; the most minuscule of hope that he could be with her at the end of whatever ordeal, he is willing to gamble it all to be with her.

In a way the singer could also be taking a subtle swipe at how people view love in this current times and age. Most people do not endure or are not persistent in expressing their love for a person. Many of us claim that we love the person but we are never willing to take that extra risk. Many people abandon their loved ones when they are needed the most, but here the singer exerts that he is not like those people .Here in this song the singer sings with full of confidence that he will wait for the person he loves. In the midst of all that is sung, he encourages his audience through this smart lyrics to take the risk of waiting for that one person, as it will be worth everything at the end when one is united with their lover.

The singer very much digs deep into the concept of love in this artifact. Throughout the song the willingness to wait for a loved one isn’t the only theme. Implicitly central to this artifact is that the singer accepts his lover for who she is. He is not bothered of her past nor her future. He loves her for all that she is. Her past, present and future makes the loved one he holds so dear. The singer is reminding people to not live in the past and judge people based on their past and to accept a person as who they are.

Interestingly enough the singer very cleverly mask his regret in this love song. He says that he did take his lover for granted and assumed that the relationship will last no matter what; by a miracle perhaps. For too long he has neglected the needs of his lover. This I believe should be taken as a reminder to us all that we should never take any relationship for granted. Any relationship needs constant effort from the respective parties to make the relationship successful. Now in reminisce he remembers all the joys and pains that he had in that relationship but that relationship is lost not as he is separated from his lover. He realizes that it is probably too late to turn back, even then his love is too great and is unconditional. As he said before he is willing to take a gamble even if the probability of him reunited with his lover is slip. Thus he will wait.

Finally the most important of all the rhetorics that is made here is that the singer could be telling his story to future lovers who have not been in love before. He is warning them not to repeat his mistakes. He also encourages them to have a little leap in faith in themselves in cajoling them to wait for that person whom they love. Whatever it is he also puts his artifact as a motivation or a song that gives encouragement to those new lovers who are going through some choppy times.

The end.

PS: Oh well I will have some faith and sooner or later the sun has to shine again.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Haha I still have this blog working. The 1st thought that comes to my mind now is updating on the latest BMW. Reason being, I have not kept up with what is going on in the world of BMWs. Well since this blog has not been updated for a long time, its just for me to waste my precious extra time haha.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Benjamin's Mental Wagon (BMW)

This is currently my favourite model. Its like a huge bug running on the road. The 3rd love of my life, this babe just stunned me with its extraordinary beauty. To top that it comes with M-versions too. Imagine a two-tonner can accelerate to 100km/h in 4.7 seconds flat.gosh. Well there's nothing to talk about it actually come and see me because I just bought that bimmer. Its in my garage my dreams that is hehe. Oh ya and check out the M labeling at the boot and the four tubes jutting out of the rear diffuser, sweet :-)  Well i'll give a free ride for the 1st person. lol. I'm in a very joyous mood so don't mind me haha. OVER AND OUt

Wednesday, August 26, 2009


In life every thing is about attracting. What ever we have now is what we have attracted in our life. I recently came across this post in a friends blog and it was very catchy. Just when I was so interested in this 'positivity' topic a very engaging post just appeared out of the blue. Well life is all about abundance, we have every right to believe that there is enough for us. There is actually more enough to go around for everyone. People often compete for material gains, prestige, honour and etc but when are this ever enough. We always want more and something better. My dad often quote's Gandhi very famous saying : " there is enough for man's needs but not enough for man's greed". Because of this scarcity mentality we become negative, we always think about the bad because we believe we don't have enough. When that  happens we start to dwell more into negativity. You begin to wonder, "how do I beat this person, how do I outsmart them to be the top" and boy this thoughts are really draining. Celebrate the things that you have around you. Be joyful of all your blessing and you will attract more of the similar. Positive thinking will multiply and overshadow negative thoughts and what you will bring about is the attraction of the same thoughts and actions that resonates with you. Positive thoughts change perspective and in life many things depend on perspective, once you have the right perspective, your on the right track! I guess thats how I came about that wonderful post. hehe

Saturday, July 18, 2009

the choice i made

haha. i don't blog long post so i'll keep it short. I'm more relaxed now as i only put in energy where necessary and let the person who was always behind the scenes the their part now. There isn't any more headaches. i got to know and mingle with more prefects and the recent homies outing was one of the best although i got a lot of bullying by my juniors haha. like naveenan (forgot what was his nick name), burger vandi, hari love future lady head and not to mention the fun with those who got bullied to haha. It was great knowing that the two other coms also enjoyed their outing. One parents even complimented the good behavior of the prefects and shut that teacher advisors foul gap. So all the efforts didn't go down the drain after all, it was diverted elsewhere without many realising. To me, i learnt a lot, yup these bunch of prefects certainly taught me a lot, trust me a lot! By the way, I belong to Student Affairs Commission but recently I realised that I love being in all the coms but too bad I can't be everywhere at the same time. I've grown fond of those bunch of hommies, isuc, cs( still can't forget the football mathches, i think cs was the most spirited team) , sac(my com), disco. So it 'did end rather well eh, I won't really know until I really miss all these. So the choice i made: never think that whatever good you did went to waste as you find at the end of the day it did prove to be a significant contribution as YOU wished but just in a different manner but good none the less'

Sunday, June 28, 2009

life is all about choices

Just recently i started to itch to blog because of my annoying lorry driver haha. so guess i'll start blogging. Lets see, there is so much to blog about. Right so this is what i'll start to blog about.

After nearly a year taking over the helm of the michaelian prefectorial board i find all my effort together with those friends of mine all going down the drain. Seriously felt like giving up, because some leaders in the board are just there for the cert and not stand up for what they are entrusted to do and i cannot stand by and do nothing. The teacher advisor is coming up with a propaganda that the school school chooses and students are just puppets. She's practically taking control of everything. Felt like I do not need to be there anymore as more and more prefects are toning down and not standing up anymore. Yesterday however was the turning point. I heard that if you keep losing battles means your strategies are not working and therefor i'm going to change my style a bit. I'm going to start to talk to prefect and let them know that in whatever we do we have a choice and my choice is to learn from my mistake and rectify it. I'm going to stop moaning about it and move on. What i'm going to do is still a mystery. lets just see how the week goes by.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

My say on the matter

I have not blogged for a long long time but when i finally read my last post, it was the one that i wanted 2 express all along. so this is how it goes. One would say go with the flow then  you will survive. Which means we must always follow the norm which is cowardly. Thats why some people remain in the same position in life without progress. Never wanting to reinvent themselves just for the sake of stability. Remember all great achievers in life were all risk takers they did not want to be bogged down by traditions and methods used by everyone or their forefathers. They took the initiative to think and express their true self, actually they weren't risk takers they had the courage to express who and what they are in their own unique way. What ever happens have principals and live by it.